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Dive Deep - A Journey into Human Connection

July 20-27th, 2020

Come experience a truly wonderful deep dive into the spiritual and human aspects of Yoga and adventure. This retreat is an all-inclusive event for a limited number of Yogi’s who are eager to dive further into their practice, the spiritual path of a yogi, and enjoy all that the beautiful island of Bali has to offer. 

There will be multiple yoga classes available for yogi’s of all levels as well as offerings of 3 specialized workshops and two day-trips to explore not only the island of Bali but the oceans around it as well.

The Yoga

Hatha based with a focus on breath, body, mind, and spirit alignment. Morning ceremonies will feature a 30-minute meditation and breathwork to help you focus your mind and spirit for the journey each day in addition to yoga targeted to get the blood flowing. There will also be beach sessions to bring you closer to the Earth and Sea, helping you ground the body and teaching you how to allow the mind to flow like the water that supports life. Nighttime classes will offer both Yin/Moon-based movements that will calm the mind and body and relax the nervous system bringing you into a state of peace that will allow you to let go and relax for the nights' rest to come. 

The Workshops

Workshop 1 - This workshop is both art-based and writing based. Delving into the minds' ability to release through prompted journaling and artistic creation. There have been numerous studies on the benefits of both art creation and journaling. The workshop will be designed so that you will learn how to create a journal (if you are not already using one), find prompts for writing within your daily life that allow you to journal freely, and will show you how the simple art of doodling is your subconscious minds way of releasing thoughts and feelings onto paper. 

Workshop 2 - Designed and implemented by my amazing friends Miranda and Rory, this workshop is a journey into human connection. Both with ourselves and others. This workshop is for both men and women and will be focused on the connections we create on a daily basis. With silent affirmation ceremonies and a lecture on Tantra, the workshop will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of your own desires, thoughts, and feelings while also showing you how you can truly connect with your partner, your family, your friends, and strangers. 

Workshop 3 -Design In Progress

The Adventures!

There are two day-trips planned for your retreat connections.


Trip #1: Unesco World Heritage Site Tour

5 of the most beautiful places in Bali during an all-day excursion by a private guide. 

Trip #2: Island Hop and Snorkeling Trip (Nusa Penida/Nusa Lombogen)

Day trip of snorkeling with Mantas and above gorgeous coral reefs with lunch and a visit to the famous Kelinking Cliff! This is an all-day boat trip with snorkeling, swimming, and beaches.


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