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Affiliate Partners –

The following partners have made me an affiliate with their companies. I will only post on here programs and partnerships I endorse 100% and I have taken the time to fully verify. Each link will take you to a partner website where you can purchase their product. I will receive a small affiliate payment for each one, however, these payments help me pay for items such as website costs, travel expenses, food, lodging, etc. Won’t you take the time to visit them and see what they have to offer?

Travel Foods –

Heather’s Choice – Meals for Adventure (Backpack Meals with Heart!) Heather Kelly Affiliate

Heather’s Choice – Meals for Adventure

Healthy meals for travel
Meals for Adventuring by Heather’s Choice

About the Company –

I first came across Heather Kelly and her outdoor food supply in 2015 prior to my first trip outside of the United States. She had just begun her company in Alaska utilizing her own garden, small scale dehydrators, and packaging each product, shipping, and running the company all while continuing to stand up for good nutrition, hunters rights, and numerous other projects in Alaska and the U.S. Heather has since grown her small company and now has a store front in Anchorage that you can visit. During that time her prices have never increased and her product has only become more flavorful and packed with nutritional value. Earlier this year Heather began her affiliate program and I am extremely excited to share this product with you.

Products –

Each product is Gluten Free and there are options for Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescatarians and Meat Eaters. I have used Heather’s Choice on trips to Alaska, Brazil, Florida, Arkansas, and Iceland. In every instance, I was pleased with the flavour and energy each carefully crafted product provided me. I am honoured to know Heather Kelly personally and professionally, she is an amazing lady with a beautiful heart and a desire to provide the hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing communities with high quality, nutritional meals that are easy to pack, and simple to make. I would suggest getting her sampler pack. In it, you will find dinners, breakfasts, and snacks that will give you an idea of what she has to offer. I highly recommend the Chocolate Chili!

Travel Sponsorships –

How to obtain Travel Sponsorship Courses by Georg Papp (Social Media Promotion and Media Kit Building) Georg Papp Affiliate – 

Georg Papp Sponsorship Training

Training by Georg Papp
How to Obtain Travel Sponsorship

About the Company –

Earlier this year I came across a link to one of Georg’s classes on Teachable. When I landed on the page I was blown away by the content available and the minimal cost for the courses. Georg has spent years travelling and working his way around the globe and is now providing us with his secrets on how to obtain Sponsorship from companies to help offsite your travel costs. George is with you every step of the way through the process. He even provides you with a link to join his private Facebook group where you can post questions and receive feedback from him. I sent him direct messages via Twitter and was answered within 24 hours. I am currently taking the course on creating a Media Kit and I love the content and the layout of each module. In addition to the course content, you can also get access to his monthly magazine in which he has guest writers cover various content such as SEO and Social Media promotion. Go check him out!

Writers Academy –

Getting Paid to Write, Free Blog Builder Training and more! Writers Academy Affiliate

Have you travelled abroad? Domestically? Want to write about your experience while getting free training on setting up your own travel related blog site? Plus get paid for your first post?Writers Agency and Writers Academy offer bloggers a unique platform to earn money while providing free training to build your brand and blog. You can find out how, and earn money on your first blog post, by visiting this link: 

Travelicious Job through Writers Agency


Travelicious hires both established and non-established writers through the Writers Agency to write about the destinations you have visited. Once your article is accepted it is up to you to put in the work to keep writing for them by taking the free training, establishing content and traffic on your blog, and directing traffic to your article through creative postings on social media.

The payout is legitimate and is posted to your Paypal account the Friday after the article is accepted.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding signup, website design, etc. I look forward to reading your article!

For an idea of what the articles look like, click here: Hiking Ibitipoca National Park on Travelicious