A Journey of a Yogi

As we enter these turning points,
Where the rhythms of life transform
Into each other.

Breath flows in, filling, filling,
In this moment, drink eternity.

Breath flows out, emptying, emptying,
Offering itself to eternity.

Cherishing these moments,
Mind dissolves into heart,
Heart dissolves into space,
Body becomes a vibrating field,
Pulsating between fullness and emptiness.

~Yukti Verse #26

The Radiance Sutras 112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder & Delight
Lorin Roche, PhD.

A Student Teacher/A Teaching Student

I will forever be a student of Yoga. This path that has found me has created profound changes within my life, my mind, my spirit and my heart. It has allowed me to become as whole as I am capable of becoming, so far, as there is still a great journey ahead. There is a great deal of this path of Yoga that I still do not understand. Sanskrit words for poses, Hindu religion, Buddhism, sound healing, art therapy, trauma healing, etc. You know what though? I am learning. I am learning to heal myself, but more importantly, I am learning so that I can provide those same tools and life lessons to you, the student, who chooses to seek me as a teacher. To provide you with current knowledge and best practices on every aspect of yoga that I am able to in order to help you heal yourself, just as someone once provided me those same tools, I want to pass them forward to you, with love and compassion.

200 RYT

200 plus hours in San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala September 2019. Teacher Training by Echo Flow Yoga.

Taking my 200 hour teacher training was one of the toughest things that I have done, even tougher than hiking the EBC trail in Nepal in 2018. It was also one of the most beautiful and spiritual things I have done in this life. You see, everyday was a challenge, of mind, body, spirit, and acceptance. Acceptance of others and of myself. Were there days I bowed out? Absolutely. There were even days when I wanted to just quit. However, I had amazing teachers and friends present who helped me overcome the frustrations and pain that I experienced and helped me see the journey for what it was; one of learning who I was capable of becoming, beyond who I already was. The tools and teaching styles that I experienced opened my heart and mind further to this path in life that I am forever destined to follow.

I tell you this so that you can understand that I am human, just as you are. I see your pain and frustration, I have experienced the same throughout my life. And there were days were my only tools were my breath and my mind. The strength of will to carry forward has always been something that I have relied upon in this life that I have led to this point. My breath, the movement of yoga, the mindfulness of a meditative state, reliance upon my friends and family, it has all allowed me to be able to put one foot in front of the other and to get out of bed each day and start fresh.

Teaching –

My desire is to always see you succeed in everything you put your heart in to. We both know that there will be days when that success may actually be in the form of a failure, however that failure simply becomes an opportunity to do something greater or become stronger in your practice. I am still, after 4 years of practice and constantly trying, unable to complete a handstand anywhere other than against a wall or with someone I trust implicitly to catch me. It isn’t that I am afraid of failure, far from it, it is the fear of falling down and damaging myself beyond repair. I know it won’t happen, but years of trauma, 4 ruptured spinal discs, cervical discs that are out of alignment and a broken arm all have left their mark on my psyche in the form of not wanting to hurt myself so much that I am incapable of getting up again. The thoughts of “What if I twist wrong?” or “What if I fall on my neck wrong?” It all sits there in the back of my mind. I know I have the strength to complete the handstand, however there is a distinct difference in knowing and being able to do something, or is there? Seeing myself in the handstand is a mental challenge I face. I know that I can accomplish and when I push through that fear, there is nothing I cannot accomplish.

Why do I say this? Yoga is a path of challenging yourself, of becoming one with your mind and breath. A path of overcoming your fear and opening your heart and mind up to your fullest potential. I chose to do those handstands further away from the wall. I choose to do the work to make my body stronger so that I can overcome the fear of falling. I can climb a rock wall and then stand on the edge of 100 ft cliff and look over the edge, something that used to cause me crippling fear. I took the time to see the fear, to shine the light on why I was afraid, and to then slowly overcome that fear and punch through to the other side of it and explore greater heights in this world. You can too!

If we fail to look after others when they need help, who will look after us?


Walkabout Yoga

The name I chose for this journey of yoga through life. One we can all walk, no matter our experience level in Yoga. No matter what we are afraid of, we can take this journey together. Walkabout Yoga will always be here for you, I will always be here, to have a conversation on life, to learn with, and to experience this experience this journey to the fullest extent we are capable of. Will you walk it with me? Through retreats, workshops, online classes, and private tutorials, I am available to each of you. Reach out to me through Social Media, I will always answer you.

I will forever be grateful to every teacher that has ever taken the time to show a path of love, life, and happiness in this journey of yoga. I will forever know that they were placed in my path exactly in the moment I needed them the most. Whether it was to challenge my mind, to give me comfort, to challenge my body, or to teach me something new, they were there for me. Acceptance of ourselves and of our faults and dreams is one step in a long, beautiful journey that is our lives. A life given in the service of others is the most amazing journey I could ever hope for. A path of peace, of love, of healing and being healed. Every moment of every day.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

Thich Naht Hanh

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